Staff Members

2016-2017 Staff Directory

School 15 Staff Members
Ms. Raquel Paredes and Ms. Norma Vitale
Ms. Paysha Green and Ms. Sara Dale
Ms. Kim Kohaniec and Ms. Shirley Arturo
Ms. Denise Hartung and Mr. Steve Avella
Ms. Catherine Torres and Ms. Migdalia Norona (Bilingual)
Grade 1
Ms. Kimberly Brooks
Ms. Cathy Rosa
Ms. Alexandra Casale
Ms. Tracey Lombardo
Ms. Lidia Zerquera (Bilingual)
Grade 2
Ms. Jacqueline Pergola
Ms. Albina Lala
Ms. Alisa Ridgell
Ms. Noelle Hemingway
Ms. Amanda Baca (Bilingual)
Grade 3
Ms. Bianca Rouse (ELA/SS)
Ms. Alyssa DiPadova (Math/SC)
Ms. Sevgi Gilroy (ELA/SS)
Ms. Jenna Reiser (Math/SC)
Ms. Ana Infante-Rios (Bilingual Math/SC)
Ms. Jessica Randall and Ms. Irtiaq Alabdelrazzag(LLD/SS-SC)
Grade 4
Ms. Gabrielle Emmolo (ELA/SS)
Ms. Nicole Jimenez (Math/SC)
Ms. Faith Ann Hodges (ELA/SS)
Ms. Jean Gervais (Math/SC)
Ms. Omaira Wynne (Bilingual ELA/SS)
Ms. Brittany Kramer and Mr. Jaden Pinkett (LLD/ELA)
Grade 5
Ms. Veva Tronci (ELA/SS)
Mr. Steve Griffith (Math/SC)
Ms. Lisa Reiner (ELA/SS)
Ms. Michelle Girardi (Math/SC)
Mr. Miguel Romero (Bilingual Math/SC)
Ms. Nylda Colon and Ms. Judy Walsh (LLD/Math)
Mr. Anthony Jones (Gym)
Ms. Susan Collum (Gym)
Ms. Heidi Irons (Art)
Ms. Zibute Arbuckle (Music)
Mr. Alfredo Flores (Computers)
Ms. Jillian Serra (Computers)
Special Education
Ms. Giselle Estevez
Ms. Mary Rhodes
Ms. Jaclyn Luker
Ms. Erica Mejia 
Ms. Christine Napolitano
Ms. Elizabeth Schimming
Ms. Philamena Adams
Ms. Yasette Rodriguez
Mr. Julio Verano
Ms. Maggie Williams
Mrs. Noreen Veloz
Ms. Yesi Alejo (FSCS Coordinator)
Ms. Shalekia Ulloa (Health Clinic Coordinator)
Ms. Glendax Sevillano (Parent Coordinator)
School Counselor
Ms. Marie Baez
Child Study Team
Ms. Inger Cozart (Social Worker)
Dr. Ivonne Fadel (Psychologist)
Ms. RaeAnne Dowd 
Ms. Yolanda Estrada
Ms. Christine Pini

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