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FSCS Health Centers


Come Join Us For the Holistic Health Day!


Conversation on Holistic Health... Blood Pressure Screenings... Body Screening by Chiropractor/Massage... Holistic Nurse/Cancer and Asthma Education... Dental Screenings


Refreshments and Prizes!

Date: Friday, September 14, 2018

Time: 12noon-3:00PM

Location: Health Center B-5/Community Room B-2


Learn about all the Health Services available to your children during the school day and have a chance to register for these services. Please bring your child(ren) health insurance card if you wish to register. 


Please feel free to bring someone in our community to share this wonderful event and you will be entered to WIN A PRIZE! 

FSCS Health Center Information

Who are we?

The Paterson Board of Education Comprehensive School Based Clinics are Pediatric Health Centers that provide students and their family's access to excellent quality care inside the school. 


What do we provide?

Participating schools offer Board certified Pediatricians for sick and well care including immunizations. 

Services also include:

-Eye care and glasses




FSCS Información del Centro de Salud

Quienes Somos?

La Junta de Educación de Paterson ofrece el servicio de centros de salud pediatrica para los estudiantes y el acceso a la familia.


Que Hacemos?

Las escuelas ofrecen medicos certificados por el estado, ademas de gran variedad de servicios:

-Todos los servicios de pediatria




-Terapia de Conducta


Participating Schools

Frank Napier, School 4: Room 105

973-321-1000 x20406

School 5: Room 100A


School 6: Room 4

973-321-1000 x20648

New Roberto Clemente: Room 1A 120

973-321-1000 x22489

***School 15: Room B5

973-321-1000 x10155


For more information visit: