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Rieti Tello


Vice President-Bibiana Marcelino



Estephanie Gonzalez



Marisol Garcia

Thanks to the PTO and volunteers for planning a beautiful event for our children! We appreciate everything you do for us.

Student Activities and Events

The PTO is a Parent Teacher Organization where parents, community members and staff of the school work together to offer our students experiences that they will never forget! 

WOnderful Events and Activities with students & PTO



Easter Event-




with Dr. Seuss


 READ Across America!



Valentine’s Day- 

Friendship Celebration



Christmas Event-

Frosty Winter Wonderland

Holiday Happenings

December 2021 -  Students, Staff, and Parents were afforded the most Spectacular Spirited Winter Wonderland Holiday Event it could have imagined. With all hands on deck everybody was able to come together and deliver a magical day for all 560 students. Children were encouraged to wear favorite pajamas, dance with Mrs. Garcia and The Grinch,  meet and greet with Mr. and Mrs. Claus, take individual class pictures, enjoy delicious Hoilday Cupcakes, receive 2-3 books, a School #15 T-shirt sponsored by Cigna #HealthyKids, and most of all feel the magic of the Holiday Season by receiving individually wrapped gifts to take home. Special “Thank You’s” go out to Mrs. Garcia for involving Cigna, St. Pauls’s CDC for providing 560 cupcakes, and Family Services of Passaic County for delivering contact to School 15 for individual gifts. Most of All the fantastic PTO of School #15. STAFF for dressing up, taking pictures, dancing, and supporting in every way while enjoying the day with their students. Especially the dedicated parents of School #15 coming through every time to make sure the children are provided a true Full Community Service.




Thankful for Pizza




Pumpkin Patch



Fall Clean-Up-

Getting Ready for 2021- 2022